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At Hisense, we believe that everything we do should make your life easier, better and more fun. That's why we aim to make the latest technologies accessible to everyone through well-designed and professional products.

About the brand

Hisense's mission is that everything they do should make life easier, better and more fun. That's why their goal is to make the latest technologies accessible to all through well-designed and professional products.

Hisense was founded in 1969 as a radio manufacturer in Qingdao, China. Five decades later, Hisense is a global home appliance and consumer electronics company with üover 80’000 employees worldwide. Hisense products are sold in more than 130 countries and generated total sales of $19 billion in 2018.

The company operates 11 high-end manufacturing facilities in China, Europe, North America, Südamerica and Südafrica, as well as 12 research and development centers worldwide, including a strategic partnership with MIT Media Lab. All of these facilities aim to deliver high-quality, innovative and affordable products that improve the lives of end customers and promote the success of their business partners.

Hisense is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and works tirelessly to research and develop electrical products and solutions for homes and businesses. Its commitment to the development and production of cutting-edge technology, combined with its ambition in the sports and entertainment sector, has led to official sponsorships and partnerships with several major sporting organizations and events around the world, such as football, rugby and racing.

Product groups

Business LCD Displays

Hisense's digital signage displays (43 - 86") are perfect for öpublic transportation and retail locations.

Their sleek design blends perfectly into any environment and puts any on-screen messaging in perspective. Bright colors attract the eyes of passers-by and invite reading and viewing. The business LCD displays are equipped with intelligent temperature controllers, light sensors for round-the-clock broadcast locations, and dual-core SOC technology for pc-less offline or cloud-based content management. Content is transmitted reliably and elegantly at all times.

Interactive displays

<Hisense's interactive digital displays incorporate the latest smart features to enhance collaborative working and create an engaging experience for users. The new WR series is available in 3 sizes (65", 75", 86") and its 4K Ultra HD picture quality ensures perfect colors and detail.

The panels are touch-sensitive: they can be used by multiple people at once to present, illustrate and share information. The enhanced IR software now recognizes touch points as small as 2mm in size and equals the traditional pen and paper writing experience. Since 2022, the WR series has been equipped with optically bonded displays that diffuse reflections and bright light to keep the display legible in all lighting conditions. Additionally, two or more Hisense displays can be connected wirelessly.

High Brightness Displays

With an extremely high brightness of 2500 nits, Hisense window displays attract attention in all lighting conditions. Designed specifically for windows, they are easy to install and increase customer loyalty. Self-heat dissipating design, energy saving and noise reduction ensure long life.

Outdoor displays

Hisense's All Weather Digital Signage Displays are ideal for all retail and business environments. The ultra-bright 2500nit screen provides clear content that ensures maximum engagement in all lighting conditions. The climate-controlled and cooled IP65 enclosure protects the components year-round in all conditions and requires no filter maintenance.

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