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Vicks has been the leading brand in over-the-counter cough and cold remedies for many years. The products of Vicks stand for the highest quality standards, are recommended by doctors and have been popular for generations.

We at Telion are your competent advisor for Vicks products in the categories thermometer and humidifier

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Sneezing, coughing and itching are typical and often mentioned symptoms of allergies. Humidifiers from Vicks can provide significant relief. The sophisticated systems in humidifiers, vaporizers and inhalers alleviate symptoms and promote allergy-friendly climatic conditions. Other air conditioners or heaters dry out the air even more and are often another reason for more severe symptoms. The mists of the Vicks humidifiers increase the moisture content of the air, have a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract and help to achieve a relaxed sleep.

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Well-being humidity.
Using a humidifier with warm or cool mist is a simple and natural way to relieve the cough, cold and flu symptoms of young and old. Humidity can even shorten the life of the flu virus on surfaces when humidity is at an ideal level of 40% to 60%. Humidity levels can be monitored with a simple humidity monitor.


A reliable digital thermometer.
It is important to get an accurate temperature quickly. With a Wick RapidRead thermometer, you can get a reading in as little as 2 seconds. Vicks thermometers are available in different versions, so there is a suitable model for every specific measurement need. An outstanding model is certainly the ComfortFlex thermometer, which has a flexible measuring tip

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