Distribution services

Interfaces & Data connection

With a range of possibilities such as data exports via e-mail, FTP server or EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) we support you free of charge in simplifying your business processes.

What we offer:

Process automation

The automation of various processes allows efficient dataüb transmission. They reduce manual effort, lead times and, through flexible delivery options, warehousing costs.

Data exports

As a partner, you can obtain data exports (product data, specifications, prices, product images and stock levels) from us in CSV, XML or XLSX formats. We will provide you with these via email or FTP.

Electronic invoicing

You have the option of receiving your invoices in electronic form: in PDF format by e-mail or in EDI/XML format. The original invoice will be sent to you in PDF format as an email attachment to an email address of your choice. If you wish to do so, please email us at buchhaltung@telion.ch

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) improves and automates order flow and processing. Orders and their response documents such as order confirmation, delivery confirmation and invoice are transmitted and processed electronically and automatically with EDI.

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