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Since 2004, Esdec has been developing and manufacturing mounting systems for solar modules on flat and sloped roofs. With more than 15 years of experience and üover 10 GW installed with our systems, Esdec is a leading supplier worldwide.

The mounting system is one of the most important components of the PV system and forms the basis for the entire installation. It is responsible for ensuring that the photovoltaic system remains firmly on the roof.

Inadequate installation of the modules can have a great impact on the condition and watertightness of the roof structure. Esdec mounting systems are specially designed to keep the impact on the roof to a minimum.

About the brand


Esdec was founded by installers. The products always focus on ease of use for installers. The mounting systems consist of lightweight, strong components that are quick and easy to install. 

All products are continuously adapted to the latest technical developments. Therefore, Esdec bundles international knowledge and constantly invests in innovation and research and development. The assembly systems have been extensively tested and meet the most stringent safety requirements

In recent years, Esdec has acquired American companies Ecofasten Solar, Iron Ridge and Quick Mount PV. Esdec Solar Group has grown to become the American market leader as a result.

Product groups

Mounting systems

Advantages of Esdec mounting systems:

    • Up to 30% time saving during assembly thanks to uniform screws and only one tool
    • Up to 25 years warranty
    • Weather resistant material: fiberglass with polypropylene
    • Thermal decoupling – due to floating installation on flat roof


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