OpenRock by OneOdio – New at Telion

We are delighted to represent OpenRock by OneOdio, a leading manufacturer in the field of professional audio technology

In addition to distribution in Switzerland, Telion is also responsible for after-sales, thus ensuring that the high quality standards are also guaranteed after the sale


The OneOdio brand was founded in 2013 and is a professional manufacturer of audio products. Through years of development and technological accumulation, the company has achieved a leading position in the field of professional audio technology

While the team is deeply rooted in technical research and development, it also explores new applications of acoustic technology in various fields. After in-depth research into the sports market and sports enthusiasts, the team decided to develop a range of brand new open audio headphones specifically for sports enthusiasts to enhance their enjoyment of physical activities

OpenRock as a brand was born!


Through meticulous research, rigorous testing and relentless refinement, OpenRock successively presents its open audio headphones: OpenRock Pro and OpenRock S. With their compact design and unparalleled bass experience, these headphones not only provide athletes with comfort and enjoyment, but also more power, helping them to push their limits.

OpenRock will continue to provide an unparalleled listening experience with its exceptional craftsmanship and perfect sound quality. By combining sport and music, the brand aims to inspire people to love sport and make it an integral part of their lifestyle.

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