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Duracell is the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance alkaline batteries, specialty cells and rechargeable batteries. Since its founding in the early 1940s, the company has grown into a cult brand for personal power sources: the trusted brand for compact and long-lasting batteries. The Duracell bunny remains an ambassador for these brand values to this day and is well known üacross many national borders.

About the brand

Works stronger for longer – Duracell is the world leader in high-quality alkaline batteries and a leading supplier of other battery technologies. Since the brand's launch in 1965, the company has become a global iconic brand for consumer products, known for quality, reliability and innovation.

As the inventor of the alkaline battery and other breakthrough innovations, such as the first photo lithium battery, Duracell is a brand synonymous with superior quality batteries that continually meet the changing needs of consumers and device manufacturers through intensive research and development.

Duracell is a brand synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation

Duracell has excellent brand recognition worldwide. Duracell is the only battery manufacturer to also run TV commercials, thereby continuously maintaining and expanding brand awareness.

In addition to common household battery types, Duracell's product line also includes a wide range of specialty batteries such as photo lithium, appliance and watch batteries.

Product groups

Duracell Optimum

Duracell Optimum alkaline battery is Duracell's most groundbreaking innovation to date. It features a new cathode system that provides up to 200% additional life or extra power for certain devices. Duracell Optimum lasts longer than previous Duracell alkaline batteries on a range of medium- to high-power devices. 

Optimum performance meets optimum packaging
The new and innovative Duracell Optimum packaging in the style of a «book» is equipped with a flap and an organizer compartment inside – so at last there are no more batteries lying around in the kitchen drawer. Instead, your batteries are conveniently and safely stored until they are needed. Once the batteries are used up, they can be conveniently stored again until disposal. The packaging is 100% recyclable and contains 0% plastic

Duracell Plus

The Duracell Plus batteries are available in various types and sizes and are therefore the right choice for a variety of applications.
So you always have the right product for your needs.

98% of paper packaging is made from recycled materials. In addition, the AA & AAA batteries have leakage protection thanks to a Superior Nylon cover. Further, all batteries guarantee a 100% long-lasting performance.

Coin cells

Button cells are present in many devices: in watches, in remote controls, in alarm clocks and many more. The guaranteed long-lasting Duracell Power is available in a variety of button battery models.

All button cells are available in childproof packaging, which can be opened only with scissors öfnen. In the most common models CR2032, CR2025 and CR2016, another child protection has been added: a layer of Bitrex®. This is non-toxic, tastes bitter and is intended to keep babies and small children from swallowing.

Hearing aid batteries

The Duracell EasyTab Hörgerätebatterie can be mähelless grip, change and remove. An extra-long tab makes handling very easy and the packaging can be easilyt öffnen. EasyTab portable batteries are color-coded in yellow, orange, brown and blue, so that the right size can be found easily


Chargeable batteries, also called rechargeable batteries, are mostly used in smaller electrical appliances such as flashlights, remote controls, kitchen trolleys, toys, etc. Use. Rechargeable batteries have a much longer life than normal batteries. With Duracell rechargeable batteries and chargers, you don't have to think about new batteries all the time, just recharge them with the right Duracell charger.



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