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Braun Health & Wellness

Precise. Reliable. Gentle.

Braun is the ideal partner if you want to detect important signals from your body in good time and monitor them regularly. The diagnostic devices are designed for all ages and provide accurate and reliable values you can absolutely trust.

About the brand

Designed to make a difference.

Braun is a leading German brand for electrical appliances. Some associate Braun with high design standards because Dieter Rams and his successors have succeeded in playing a pioneering role in product design.

Others think of innovation and German technology: the invention of the Plexiglas lid for record players, the discovery of two-component injection molding, or the innovations for metal surfaces and for plastic molds. Many simply appreciate the reliabilty of Braun products, which are known for their reliability, longevity, and sustainability.

These are all true and significant aspects of the Braun brand. But Braun is more than that. Braun goes übeyond design. The goal is to developeven better solutions from consumer feedback. and to design products with those details that make the one, fine little difference in people's lives. They call this difference the «Braun Moment» and summarize it in the brand claim: "Designed to make a difference."

90 years of Braun – The world is changing. Braun is leading the way.

With innovations, durable German technology and pioneering product design, the small engineering company grew to become an international premium brand for electrical appliances – this is how the success story of Braun can be described in a nutshell.

In the future, Braun will continue to lead the way – with products designed to make a difference in consumers' lives, true to its claim: "Designed to make a difference."

Product groups

Clinical thermometer

At Braun you will find für every need the right clinical thermometer. 

Ear Thermometer - ThermoScan®
The #1 thermometer brand used and recommended by  doctors. Fast, gentle and easy to use – this is what characterizes Braun's in-ear clinical thermometers. The devices are suitable for the whole family. The replaceable protective caps (BPA & latex-free) avoid cross-contamination.

Frontal Thermometer
Whether you choose the «TempleSwipe» or one of the «No touch + touch» thermometers, a quick and accurate measurement is also üpossible via the forehead.

Digital Sticks
Compact and handy - that distinguishes these classics. The last measured value is stored on the device and the flexible tip allows safe use.

Blood pressure monitors

Discover the range of accurate, comfortable and intuitive blood pressure monitors from Braun. For every need there is the right device. The ExactFit™5 and ExactFit™3 have clinically proven accuracy according to the method of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH). The operation of the devices and the reading of the values on the large display are simple.

Pulse oximeter

Respiratory disease is usually accompanied by decreased lung function, which can lead to lower blood oxygen levels. If it's important for you to measure blood oxygen levels, the Braun Pulse Oximeter 1 is practical, clear and convenient. Measure effortlessly and accurately with the simple finger clip. Results can be read instantly on the rotating OLED display with backlight. The convenient strap allows you to have the device with you even when you are on the go.

Nasal aspirator

The Braun nasal aspirator is used for periodic aspiration of nasal mucus to clear blocked noses in children between 0 and 12 years of age. The devices are intended for non-commercial use only. You can choose between an automatic and a manual nasal aspirator.


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