Whether it's breakfast, brunch, lunch or a snack, Smeg's stylish toaster satisfies every need. This compact toaster combines technology of today with fresh colors and the round design of the 50s.

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Very British

Special Edition

Individual, a little crazy and unique: The eye-catching design of the Union Jack toaster is guaranteed to get people talking in your kitchen.

Practical and versatile


For even toasting of bread slices of any size, the bread slices are perfectly centered in the trays

After the selected toasting time has elapsed, the toaster automatically ejects the slices

With the sandwich tongs, you can prepare sandwiches and ham and cheese toasts in no time. with the Röstaufaufsatz can be heated paninis, focaccia or brioche and served directly warm at the table.

Preset programs

This toaster makes it easy for you to enjoy a relaxed breakfast. Thanks to the preset programs, you can prepare your toast exactly the way you and your loved ones like it:

  • Use the heating function to warm up toast or slices of bread, or to continue toasting if the result isn't what you want.
  • With a function for defrosting of bread. 
  • With a bagel button to fry only one side of your bagel without toasting the other side.
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