MAGNIMAGE Video Processor for Icon-Serie

MAGNIMAGE Video Processor for Icon-Serie


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MAGNIMAGE Video Processor for Icon-Series

LED-750H, a superior approach to better visual performance for LED walls. It is a 4K x 1K/60Hz capable video processor. With EDID and customize output managment, it delievers high quality pixel-to pixel display via its user-friendly controls. It is an ideal choice for multi-media hall, multi-purpose room, theater, studio and showroom.
Supporting all kinds of input ports, it outperforms competitor in terms of loading capacity and broadband utilzing rate.(The up-processes width is 7680, and refresh rate reaches up to 120Hz.) Also, 16 selective built-in resolutions allow user to scale and match the real size of LED walls. Input ports include DVI*2, HDMI*2, DP*1(4K). For extended input, user can choose 2 ports from VGA/ DVI/ SDI(SDI*1) or 4K input DP1.1 / HDMI 1.4.It accepts network linking, USB linking or RS232 linking for different control demands.

Art-Nr 5AB LED750HS


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